Funny Fowl, Rulers of the Sky Realm

Birds play a big part in totem pole stories and creation. Sky Realm characters primarily include Thunder birds, eagles and ravens.
The Thunderbird is considered to be the Grand lord of the Sky Realm.
The Thunderbird can become invisible and manifest as a great wind or storm. When Thunder birds battle in the sky realm, humans hear thunder and see lightning in the sky.

Mythological meanings commonly attributed to birds, fish, animals, people and other mythological creatures may differ between tribes.

Ravens generally appear hungry, compulsive, corrupt and deceptive, yet they seem always to be able to trick and deceive themselves out of trouble. Ravens can transform into fearsome cannibalistic creatures called Hok Hok who can pluck out the eyes of their enemies.

The whimsical Blue Footed Boobie could be an 'explorer bird' because it is a marine bird which was studied extensively by Charles Darwin. It is easily recognizable by its distinctive bright blue feet which is considered a very attractive feature by female Blue Footed Boobys. The Lyre bird with its delicate tail feathers are well-known for their ability to mock and mimic sounds in their habitat.

The birds in this section are a mixture of creatures that actually appear on authentic totem poles and whimsical creatures just for fun.