A World Without Music

(pdf version Music and Memories)

Metallica, the loud, head-banging rock group recorded an album with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra – exact opposite music genres. The result was surprisingly excellent rock n roll. Horror movie Family utilizes gospel music as the murderer performs his dastardly deeds – enjoyable.

  • Q. What genre of music could successfully mix with your favorite genre of music? Blues, Funk, Rock, Gospel

You are isolated on a deserted island with nothing but coconuts and sea gulls for company.

  • Q. What would your world be like without music?

In the 1970's old white guy Tonight Show host Steve Allen read aloud the lyrics to Rolling Stones “I can't get no Satisfaction.” Hysterically funny without music and beat.


  • I can't get no satisfaction
  • Cause I try and I try and I try and I try
  • I can't get no, I can't get no
  • When I'm driving in my car
  • And that man comes on the radio
  • And he's telling me more and more
  • About some useless information
  • Supposed to fire my imagination
  • I can't get no - oh no, no, no!
  • Hey hey hey! That's what I say!
  • Q. How does rhythm combine with instruments and vocalization make bad poetry so memorable?

Every time I watch my favorite musical video, Dr. Horrible, by musical genius on steroids, Neil Patrick Harris, it literally takes weeks before I can stop singing the songs in my head.

  • Q. What was the last song you heard that took forever to get out of your head, how did you do it?

Advertising jingles are designed to be memorable. Elementary schools use song to teach children to memorize ABC's, math equations, good behavior, basic and social skills.

  • Q. How possible would it be for you to unlearn the ABC song or other catchy commercial ditties?

Music seems to have the capacity to magically bring back memories whether you want them or not.

  • Q. How do you unlink bad memories associated with good music?

Cat Stevens Happy song “Peace train” controversy over islam and Salmon Rushdie led to mass burnings of his works in some areas. Simon & Garfunkle's inspirational song “Bridge Over troubled Water” banned by BBC after World Trade Center attacks in 2001. Jimmy Boyd's Goofy song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.” briefly condemned by the Roman Catholic Church in Boston The Bangles, Silly song, “Walk Like An Egyptian,” Banned for mentioning Northern Africa after World Trade Center attacks in 2001.

  • Q. What would you do if your favorite song was suddenly banned?