Anthropomorphism attributes human traits, emotions, and intentions onto non-human entities.

2500 years ago, Xenophanes, the Greek philosopher, skeptic, religious, social critic, described the conception of deities as anthropomorphic human projections.

“Men make gods in their own image;

those of the Ethiopians are black and snub-nosed,

those of the Thracian (Southern Europeans) have blue eyes and red hair

Early hunters also relied upon anthropomorphism to identify em pathetically with hunted animals to better predict their movements.


Anthropomorphism attributes attributes human form and characteristics to abstract concepts or inanimate objects: Hurricane Mike, Gloomy Guss, wicked winds, colder than a witches tit, Mr. Clean (a household cleaner),

The opposite of Anthropomorphism is dehumanization. When humans are represented as nonhuman objects or animals, which happens every political election cycle to describe the opposition.

Anthropomorphism/Personification and (sigh) dehumanization is considered innate tendencies of human psychology.

Personal Story

The anthropomorphism of real life animals is interesting, entertaining and dangerous.happy piggyth

I'm a suburban-rural-raised city kid with a degree in petting zoo experience.

In mid 1970's While traveling with my stair step children, in the Midwest I drove past a pig farm and spied a huge 2,000 lb mama hog laying near a fence line with a mess of cute baby piglets running about.

I stopped and took the kids to the fence edge to better see the happy little Porky pigs.

The ONLY thing that stopped me from letting the kids go through the fence to pet the Porky piglets was that I worried the farm owner might mind the intrusion. I had a vague, nagging memory of wild mamas protecting babies, but this was a domesticated farm animal! Potential tragedy averted through respect for personal property.

Anthropomorphize Responsible for Own Qctions

The anthropomorphic nonhuman entity becomes worthy of moral care and consideration.

The anthropomorphize entity becomes responsible for their own actions thus deserving of punishment and reward. Animal Farm uses animals to represent human characters to explore dictatorship and criticize socialism.

The anthropomorphism of animals is alive and well in cartoon and marketing land targeting children. This leads children to attribute human-like traits onto animals and influence children's reasoning about animals in an unrealistic way.

Cartoons of real life animals, people, situations, diseases, germs, bacteria, medicines include

  • Got Milk Cow
  • Geiko Lizard – insurance
  • Tony the Tiger – sugary cereal
  • Porky Pig, three little pigs -
  • Donald Duck
  • Road Runner Wil E Coyote
  • 101 Cute Dalmatians – which caused a boom in demand for dalmatian pets, one of the 35 most dangerous dogs for children according to “experts”.

On Average Intelligence

Of the 1.3 million or so words in the English language dictionary, the average smart human can understand about 50-80 thousand words

The average smart dog and doesn't know what a dictionary is and can understand about 250-1,000 spoken words and has a memory-retention-span of about 7 seconds.

This is an I.Q. Divide of 98% smart vs 2% really myopically dumb

In my book, anyone who claims their dog/cat/horse or pot-bellied pig would never do harm belongs in the 2% category of intelligence.

  • Coco the gorilla understood about 2,000 words
  • Dolphin understands about 60 words,
  • Average cat understands three words but only when repeated in rapid succession – kitty, kitty, kitty,

which is why, as sweet and loving as my cats seem, I am grateful they are so much smaller than I.

This is why I choose cats and the poodle breed, not exotic breeds and pits and rottweilers.

I can take my poodle right down should a crisis arisecat fatth

The Golden Rule is My Code

I am not a superstitious person, not in the slightest.

  1. I will step on cracks,
  2. walk under ladders,
  3. Never say "gesundheit” at a sneeze.
  4. I've owned 5 black cats
  5. Not concern with the 13th Friday or the floor
  6. I've broken plenty mirrors
  7. Spilled a ton of salt
  8. Think rabbit's feet are gross key chains
  9. Don't wish on stars

Knock on Wood

  1. I do knock on wood, but only because it's funny since most wood surfaces today are laminated plastic.
  2. And I think a well-managed household must contain at least one jar of maraschino cherries and one bottle of Tabasco sauce.
  3. AND you haven't lived until you've cleared a slumber party of screaming teenage girls by holding up a mirror and saying "Candy-man, Candy-man, Candy-man"

Artificial intelligence experts say robots can't dominate the world but they are worried about stopping rogue machines.

What happens when it becomes “necessary for a human to press the Big Red Button” to stop a rogue machine

Big Red Buttons

You know what they are from the movies, cartoons, urban storiesred buttonth

Press a big red button and several things may happen.

  1. initiate Self-Destruct,
  2. activate Ejection Seat,
  3. Start Nitro Boosters,
  4. sound the Red Alert,
  5. launch a missile,
  6. Make the pusher fall into a trap
  7. trigger a spray of bullets at the pusher
  8. the button will do absolutely nothing

New Cars

On the drive home I noticed my new car has an ominously large red button right in the middle of the dashboard.

I thought about pushing that big red button all the way home, but I did not.

When I got home hubby was in the driveway with his new car.

I asked if he had a big red button - and he said he did and he pushed it

Emergency lights turned on!

I say he lucked out this time.

I believe my red button holds the entire car together like the thread of a sweater.

To press the button will simultaneously release all rivets and seams and the car will fall apart mid flight.

It's my only superstition.