Slide Hawiian Petroglyphs

outrigger boat petroglyph1200Sand and Rock Petroglyphs

Ancient Hawaiian people would draw images in the lava rock to record their stories and communicate with others. Petroglyphs, sand and rock drawings are among the oldest forms of human expression. Rock and sand art appears virtually everywhere people have lived throughout our diverse ancient culture history, see Mazes and Labyrinths section in Scissorcraft for more examples of ancient rock and sand art.

Hawaiian petroglyphs, drawn into ancient lava fields, are some of the most spectacular rock art in the United States.

These drawings range from simple stick figures to elaborate collections of images that tell stories of life at the time the drawings were created by the artist or artists.

Hawaiian Sand Drawing & Rock Carvings

Common subjects in rock art include, People, Family groups , Males, Females, Children and Juveniles, Supernatural Realm with horned deities or human figures with animal or bird heads and wings. Animals and birds such as dogs, chickens, geese, turtles, dolphins, Boats with sails, canoes, paddles, curvy lines, dots, circles and other shapes.