Solutions Connect Dots Color Book Puzzles

hungry squirrel dotgamethAnswers:  Dot to Dot Work Sheets Snowflake Crystals

These are the answers to dot games in scissorcrafts.  Some of these dot to dot puzzles are versions of each of the crystal classification symbols from snowflake crystal classification charts. It is a cool way to get children to recognize the differences in snow crystal classifications.

Children love dot-to-dot Puzzles. Print and solve these fun and free educational connect the dots games. Dot to dot games can improve cognitive perception and visual development in young children and those with mental disabilities.

Young children learn counting skills while they enjoy connecting dots to see what picture surprise they can discover at the end.

Planning a trip with children on a plane, train or automobile?  Instead of electrocic thumb games or DVD movies try printing a collection of dot to dot games and other color book images from scissorcraft for children to play together and take a break from modern technology.