Hexagon Shaped Tangram Chinese Puzzles

hexagon014 1200Hexagon Tangram Puzzle Patterns

Have fun with these hexagon shaped tangram puzzles. Print on white or colored cardstock or heavy duty paper. Use markers or crayons to color the tans (pieces), then cut out the tans with sharp scissors.

Tangrams are fun geometrically based puzzles that help introduce math concepts and spark imagination in an entertaining manner. Enjoy discovering how many different shapes and designs you can make by rotating and assembling the tangram puzzle pieces.

Tangram felt-board games: Make several kid sized felt-boards with 12" x 12" squares of cardboard covered with dark-colored felt fabric. Hint, old LP covers are about the right size and work great! Trace the tangram designs onto brightly colored felt or foam sheets, cut the tans out of the tangram, and make fun traveling games for children.

Provide pencils and pads of plain paper so children can keep a diary and re-draw and record the different shapes. I have purposely not included solutions for most of the tangrams to encourage creativity.