Tube Totem Poles

Make Paper Totem Poles with cardboard tubes.

  • saran wrap
  • paper towels
  • aluminum foil
  • toilet paper rolls

Build your own unique totem pole.

  • Cut out and color your totem pole characters
  • Paste or tape the cutouts onto the tubes

Stack the Tubes

To stack the tubes, make small 1/4" to 1/2" snips along the edges of the tops of each tube that is to hold a top tube or section. This allows the bottom tube to fold inward slightly to allow the top tube to slide over the bottom tube with a fairly tight fit, which makes the tube easily stacked.

The pole patterns in the Collage page are pre-sized to fit over most toilet paper, paper towel or gift wrap cardboard tubes.

Cardboard Base Tube Holders

  • For a strong base, locate heavy weight vellum bristol paper (card stock)
  • Cut two strips each about 1" inch high and at least 4" wide
  • Cut each cardboard strip down the centers at least 1/2"
  • Invert each strip
  • Insert the two slots together to make the "X" shaped stand to hold the pole tubes upright.

Assemble Cardboard Base

To set the base pole section onto the "X" stand.

  • cut 1/4" to 1/2" slits into the bottom tube exactly where each arm of the "X" meets the bottom edge of the base tube (centered over the X)
  • fit the centered base slots over the "X" and they should fit together nice and snug and provide balance for the stack of totem

Soft Tubes Totem Poles

Totempole craft patterns and templates may be used for teaching children a variety of crafty skills. These coloring book patterns can easily be applied to scroll saw woodworking to make splendid wooden ornaments and decorations. Totem designs can just as easily be used for embroidery, needlepoint, crochet and other cloth artwork or make impressive-looking latch-hook rugs and wall hangings.

  • wall hangings
  • fun awards
  • tree ornaments
  • pillow decorations
  • window decals
  • printable magnets
  • table centerpieces, place mats
  • Cup holders

Trace the Collage totem pole patterns onto multicolored foam sheets or colorful felt cloth and cut out with scissors, then glue onto paper tubes to create soft totems.

Create treasured gifts and family heirlooms to hand down to future generations with needlework and embroidery on pillows or tapestry.

Apply these patterns to glass etching techniques or creatively sponge paint stenciling designs to trim your walls or ceramics or decorate wooden furniture.