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Snowflake Snowman Cut and Fold

A snowperson is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture that can be created by children of any age. Winter would be no fun at all without building families of snow people and creating castles for them to play.

A Typical snow person is made with two or three snowballs. The largest ball stays at the bottom. The next largest or middle sized ball is placed on top of the large ball. The smallest ball sits on top for the head.

Features are added to the person be adding:

  • sticks or branches for arms
  • black rocks for eyeballs
  • Carrots and other vegetables for noses
  • Small rocks for a smiley face
  • dress up with old hats or scarfs, old shirts or coats
  • decorate with junk jewelry or inexpensive ornaments

Human Snow People

People who enjoy making snow art, and jumping into icy waters have got to be human snowpeople. Every year contests are held in the frigid countries where great gatherings of snow artists compete in creating winter wonderland fantasy castles, cottages and snow fortresses. Artists gather in the ice and snow countries to create snow art ice castles, statues, forts and other icy wonders.