Color Book Roman Mazes

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Roman Maze

Roman Labyrinths

The Roman maze is unicursal and usually appears divided into four quarters. They are also usually located on the floor as tile mosaics, although they have appeared on walls as fresco in Pompeii and elsewhere. The mazes depicted fortified cities with Theseus and the Minotaur in the center square.

The Roman mazes below are typical of the fortified city mosaic floor mazes constructed around 200 A.D.

Print and "walk" these child craft coloring book labyrinths with finger paints, color crayons or markers.

Use these images as guides to creating your own life size labyrinths on sidewalks, driveways or on flat surfaces, beaches or in sand or snow.

Make a soft maze mosaic by selecting colorful foam sheets and cut into random shapes with scissors to mix together then view solutions to all maze puzzles.

Resources and References

These links go to Internet websites that discuss various types of mazes and labyrinths around the world. Many labyrinths and mazes are open to the public and available for tours.