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The word "patriot" was coined around the year 1590. The root word for patriot is "compatriot," or "fellow-countryman." Patriotism is defined as devotion to one's country, homeland. This can include ethnic, cultural, political or historical aspects. A patriot is a person who sacrifices or serves for the country or home land, such as a soldier in the United States Army, Marines or Navy and other military branches or services.

Patriotic images like the liberty bell, American eagles, flags with stars and stripes faces are easily recognized and well-known national symbols of patriotism in the United States. Educate children about patriotism on national holidays such as Veteran's Day (Armistice Day), Fourth of July (Independence Day),

Patriotic Holidays

  • Bill of Rights Day - December 15th
  • Constitution Day - September 17th
  • Election Day - first Monday of November
  • Flag Day - June 14th
  • Independence Day - July 4
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day - third Monday of January each year
  • Memorial Day - last Monday of May
  • Veterans Day - November 11th
  • President's Day - third Monday of February

Veterans Day annually falls on November 11 to commemorate the signing of the "armistice," which ended the World War I hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. An armistice is an agreement or truce made by opposing sides in a war to stop fighting for a certain time. The armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

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Plan ahead for the holiday event. Print patriotic crafts and color book images for Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and other important patriotic events. Turn off the TV and include patriotic color book images for family events and family outings or trips to keep the kids occupied with worthwhile and educational paper craft resources.

Teach children the importance of patriotic observations and why we should commemorate and celebrate patriotic theme events and celebrations.

Patriotic Images for Events and Celebrations

A hot air balloon is a lighter-than-air aircraft which uses the basic scientific principle that warm air rises in cooler air. Hot air has less mass than cool air. When hot air fills the balloon it floats or suspends in mid air. A hot air balloon large enough to carry a basket full of people into the air has to be very large because in order to lift at least 1,000 lbs the balloon needs to be filled with 65,000 cubic feet of hot air.

The largest part of a hot air balloon is called an envelope. The envelope is the part of the aircraft that contains the heated air necessary to keep the craft afloat. Suspended beneath the envelope is the gondola or wicker basket. Passengers ride in the basket portion. The balloon pilot controls the source of heat, usually open flame from a liquid propane tank. The balloon design can allow the pilot to control altitude and vertical speed but hot air balloon are not practical for travel as they can only move as fast as the wind blows and can't be steered in any defined direction.

The Sky lantern, or Chinese lantern is the oldest form of hot air balloon. The unmanned lanterns were used during the Three Kingdoms era (220–280 AD) as airborne lanterns to send signals to military leaders and troops.

Hot air balloon festivals and sporting events attract millions of spectators every year when thousands of balloon take to the skies. Enthusiasts claim balloon travel is both an exhilarating and serene experience.

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