Solutions Labyrinth Puzzles

minotaur labyrinth1200Solutions Labyrinth Puzzles

No fair peeking at solutions before trying the puzzles.  These are the solutions to the Labyrinth puzzles.
When you teach children how to make and create their own entertainment and they will never be bored over their entire lifespan, plus they will have learned skills, abilities and confidence in their own capabilities to think for themselves and invent which translates into survival skills for such future challenges as employment opportunities and team building.

Since the beginning of documented civilization, labyrinths and spiral patterns have been found everywhere ancient indigenous people have lived and traveled.  Modern labyrinths also appear on the Internet where people meet virtually as well as in the physical world in churches, recreation areas, schools and some prison institutions.

These labyrinth images are a mixture of traditional labyrinth design examples based upon historic landmarks and whimsical designs of my own creation. Sometimes I find one of my own color book images are perfectly suitable for fun mazes or dot-to-dot puzzles.

To make real labyrinths, print your favorite and "walk" the labyrinth path with finger paints, color crayons or markers. Go outside in the sunlight and make a chalk line labyrinth in the driveway or create beautiful decorative landscape additions with stepping stone labyrinths in the lawn. Use those snow shovels and shoes to shovel and tramp out a labyrinth in the freshly fallen blanket of snow. Get up early before the kids find out there's new snow to trample.