Color Book Holiday Wreaths

clockwork of cats wreath1200Birds, Bees and Animal Kingdom Wreaths

Decorate the windows, walls and table-settings for fun and frivolity with color book wreaths of furry friends and feathered favorites.

Use as stationery to send on colorful, eye-catching messages or letters to friends, relatives, classmates or co-workers.

String together several different decorated wreaths to make garlands to drape over cubicle walls, curtains or brighten up meeting places.

Enhance images by adding colorful sprinkles of construction paper or sprinkles of glitter and bows here and there. String several different decorated wreaths together to make garlands. Have Fun!

Applications for these patterns could include:

  • Frame: Paste photographs to the wreaths and frame as gifts to loved ones like Grandmother and Grandfather.
  • Decals: Print on window decal sheets...
  • Foam: Trace onto colorful foam sheets to mix and match colors and shapes.
  • Cloth: Trace the designs onto tee shirts to create fun baby doll decorations with puffy paint and glitter.
  • Felt: Make filled puffy cloth pillows or window ornaments
  • Celluclay: Paper mache tree ornaments
  • Wood: Scroll saw enthusiast's dream patterns
  • Magnets: Print on magnet sheets for refrigerator magnets
  • Paper: Print and color with markers, crayons, water colors, chalk, colored pencil...
  • Stencils: Decorating the baby's room or use as patterns for sewing projects; embroidery and needle point.