String Art Optical Illusions

concave square string art1200Make Curves With Straight Lines

How can straight lines lead to curved lines? String art puzzles are ancient and fascinating optical illusions that seem to magically turn all straight lines into curved ones.

Materials Needed

  • a wooden base
  • small hammer
  • small nails

Use a ruler to connect the dots by pencil, pen or marker. Tape or paste the patterns onto thick cardboard or wooden blocks t use as a guide. Tap the small nails into the block at the numbered points. Tie colored string or thin yarn to one nail then follow the numbers in sequence to stretch the strong actoss the board to its corresponding numbered point.

Geometric string line art games can improve cognitive perception and visual development. Print these designs and use your ruler or straight edge along with colored pencils or markers to connect matching numbers. These designs all use mathematical patterns to give the illusion of curved lines. Mix colors for a rainbow of color.

Geometric String Art