Extra Large Ornaments

mushrooming rainbow ornament1200Oversized Ornaments

This section contains extra large or over sized versions of scissorcraft's Christmas and holiday ornaments and decorations. When extra large displays are in order, these images fit the bill.  Suitable for display for large gatherings such as in auditoriums for school plays or cafeteria Christmas holiday parties where the ornaments need to be large enough for view by audiences or numerous participants in open gathering settings... or a really long winded way of saying, these would not be suitable to cover the average living room tree display, but if you have 30 foot ceilings, they are perfect. 

Children can decorate and utilize these large designs for writing stationery or message paper for holiday notes and letters of sentiments or as wish lists to Santa. Laminate the ornaments for re-use and re-purposing year after year. Embroider patterns onto fabrics such as pillow cases or table cloths. Trace onto tee shirts or sweat shirts and decorate with fabric paint and glitter.

Large Ornament Patterns

For the largest possible print out, select landscape mode. Decorate with crayons or markers. Hang the ornaments on a Christmas tree, in windows, or anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired.