Geometric Trapezoid Color Book Ornaments

trapezoid014 1200Geometric Trapezoid-Shaped

This section contains geometric trapezoid shaped printable images for creating unique and different ornaments and decorations for holidays and special occasions. Mix wth other geometric shaped images located in this web site and make the coloring fun an educational experience in a classroom setting.

The trapezoid is a four-sided shape with one pair of parallel sides. It is also called a trapezium. Ancient Egyptian style of architecture used symmetrical trapezoid shapes to construct doors, windows, and buildings. Visit wikipedia.org trapezoid (geometry) for more detailed information about the trapezoid shape.

Print these trapezoid shaped ornaments on regular paper or heavy-duty card stock.

 Trapezoid designs are preferred shapes for water troughs to provide water to horses and livestock animals.  Trapezoid make effective shapes for trees and shrub planter holders.  Computer desks are often trapezoid shape.  Home and building roof shapes and facate may contain trapezoid shapes.   Look around your house or room, you likely will find many trapezoid shapes you never realized before.