Color Book Math Based Holiday Ornaments

dodecagram star blank1200Geometric Shapes

I like to use images of items that teach useful skills as opposed to just being a fun thing to do to pass the time. This is why I developed the ornament images in this section.

A clever teacher can present a fun math teaching session with these little gems. I've tried to include as many geometric shapes as I could for children to color and identify before hanging the ornament on a tree or taping it to a wall display.

Have the kids design original combinations of geometric shapes to create unique holiday or any season ornaments. Print these formatted, blank, multi-shaped ornaments on regular paper or heavy-duty card stock. Color, decorate, laminate and hang the ornaments on a holiday tree, in windows, or anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired. Construct a large paper wall-tree with shades of green construction paper, or draw a large tree format on a sheet of easel pad paper to tack onto a wall or other flat surface.

Geometric Circles and Shapes

Some of these geometrical shapes appear in combination on intricately patterned,  gigantic crop circle designs in farmer's fields of grain all over the world for many years.  The earliest cropcircle is thought to have mysteriously appeared about 2,000 years ago. Historic mentions include sightings in the 1600's, but most cropcircle sightings seem to have taken place since 1940's to present day, probably thanks to media coverage and science fiction movies for increasing popularity.  If they look a bit familiar, these images have been hiden by the web aliens in Paper Crop Circles for several years.

These colorful graphics are useful for teaching mathematical concepts to young children in an entertaining fashion. Use these images as guides for creating child-sized crop circle in more desirable places than farmers fields, such as playgrounds, drive ways, asphalt surfaces and sandy beaches.
Geometric Shape Printable Paper Color Book Images

The lines of these images are pre-colored to help children visualize the different shapes by color and see how the shapes combined create entirely new shapes.  One square combined with 4 triangles will result in one larger square, for instance. Children can experiment by taking various shapes and overlay them with circles, squares and other geometric shapes.