Desserts Cakes Pies and Sweets

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Who doesn't have a sweet tooth? The word dessert is derived from an old french word desservir, which means to clear the table and to serve. Apparently, in the olden days, nobles and servants could eat meals together in the same room but desserts were something special that involved retreating into private areas to consume sweets and treats without sharing with lowly servants. Maybe we should start that tradition up again, only with children...send the kids out to play so the grown-ups can scarf up all the pies and cakes. Might raise healthier kids...or sneakier kids.

Sweet Dessert Treats

The earliest treats came straight from nature such as date palms and other fruit trees, and honeycombs from bee hives. It has only been since the invention of manufactured sugar that the great unwashed (you and I) have had easy access to sweet and sugary treats. When I was a child if I wanted a candy bar or gum I had to scrounge for empty soda bottles to return to the store for recycling cash. How things have changed.