Cup Cake Sweet Treat Ornaments

peppermint frosting cupcake1200Cup Cake Ornaments

A cute idea for the Yule Log holiday would be to cover a Christmas or Solstice tree with colorful cupcake ornaments. Of course the little cakes can be used for any occasion because there is no bad time for cupcakes.

Sweet cakes are small treats made from cake recipes but baked in unique baking pans specially designed to create single servings of small cakes, which are usually baked wrapped with ornamental paper or aluminum foil. Cupcakes are also known as fairy cakes, patty cakes and snack cakes.

Cupcakes and their close relatives, muffins (cupcake sized quick breads), can be served plain or decorated and embellished with frosting and cake decorations, such as sprinkles and bits of candy such as chocolate chips and broken hard candy or fruits. Some bakeries fill their cup cakes with cream fillings. I'm getting hungry.

Mini cakes are easy to make using any basic cake recipe. They bake faster and cool off faster after baking than regular, large cakes. Simple, easy and quick, what more can any cook ask when feeding the gathering mob of after school children, hungry pick nickers or when your child springs a last minute invite to parent/teacher night and informs you that all parents are expected to bring a treat.

Cup Cake Ornaments Decorations