Mindless Doodles From Boring Meetings Scribbles

set018 1200Oodles of Doodles

The word doodle was coined in the early 17th century and originally described a fool or simpleton. All I can say if doodling is a sign of simplistic thinking then I must be the queen of the simple-minded doodler. Most of the images in Scissorcraft originated from this irrestible compulsion to jot down my thoughts in picture form.

The art of doodling relaxes the brain. Doodling helps a person think and is thought to improve memory significantly.

Most, if not all inventions begin with the doodle. When you mindlessly illustrate during boardroom meetings or in the margins of books, your subconscious brain is relaxing and conjuring up all sorts of wonderful mischief and inventive mayhem.

I've drawn these "Squigglets" doodles over my lifespan for absolutely no apparent reason other than to avoid listening to a speaker drone on and on about reports, statistics and projections, yawn. Some are "finished" and others aren't. Give em a try and see what you can create.

The art of doodling is as old as humankind. Doodles are commonly found in the margins of school notebooks drawn by bored, daydreaming students unmorivated, not interested in classroom subjects or discussions.