Mittens Suitable for Framing Photos

rounded rectanglemitten1200Mittens Photo Frames

While illustrating mitten and glove images for scissorcraft, it occurred to me that these would make cute frames for baby photos or graduation, yearbook pictures and pretty much any other photo or keepsake image. I think children will find these a fun way to hand out and trade school photos with family, friends and relatives. I used geometric math-based shapes as well as hearts for the cutout portion of the mitten so they could also be an educational learning tool if so desired while enhancing their little creative outlets. Print these mitten patterns on card stock or some other heavy duty paper so your frame will be more sturdy than it would be with regular paper.

Make Paper Valentine Hearts frames for heart shaped photo frame designs suitable for paper heart events anywhere and any time.

Suitable for Framing Mittens


Once the photo or illustration is situated in the frame and taped securely in place (on the back side of the frame) you can glue or otherwise affix a second mitten of the same size or style onto the back side of the frame to give the creation a more finished look. If you want to laminate this design it's best to laminate the frame without the photo and cut out the hole with scissors, otherwise you will probably ruin the photo with the heat if using hot style or the laminate cold style's glue.

Other ideas for making fun mitten frames would be to trace the designs onto felt or foam sheets for soft sided ornaments. These would be a wonderfully creative method to communicate with friends and relatives for special occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Mother's or Father's Days, Veteran's day and any other day where a cute framed photo of a loved one needs to be shared.