Snow Man Color Book

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A snowman is an anthropomorphic snow sculpture that can be created by children of any age. Winter would be no fun at all without snowmen, snow women and snow castles for them to play.

A Typical snowmen is made with three snowballs, with the largest ball on the bottom followed by two consecutively smaller spheres for the middle and head. Sticks or stripped branches can be used for arms, and rocks or coal chunks are generally used for the eyeballs. Carrots or other vegetables make fun shaped noses. Small rocks can create a smiley face. Sometimes artists like to dress up their little snow people with old hats or scarfs and sometimes old shirts or coats.

These color book snowmen are guaranteed never to melt. Make cute ornaments for the holiday tree or just hand out to children to color for fun.

Some people get wild and crazy with excitement in building their with snowman creations. Ice castles and snow creations bring on the fun just as sand castles and creations bring excitement in the warmer climates. The creative souls who can tolerate the cold make not only very intricate snow people, they make snow animals, birds and castles. Every year contests are held in the frigid countries where great gatherings of snow artists compete in creating winter wonderland fantasy castles, cottages and snow fortresses.

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