Folding Bell Patterns

ridged folding bell format1200Folding Bell Patterns

The purpose of a bell is to make noise. Bells clang out warnings of impending danger. Ocean coastline buoys are often fitted with a bell or gong to sound out when waves move the buoy. Water buoys are designed to warn seagoing craft to avoid the area, or at least be careful of sharp, shallow rocks and other dangers.

Wind chimes and idiophones are forms of bells that people attribute spiritual significance. Wind chimes can be considered as conduits of peace and freedom for both secular and religious purposes.

Security bells and alarms warn of possible house and business burglaries. Some people use bells to announce dinner, supper or to call party goers to the barbecue.

Paper bells make no noise but can bring squeals of delight. Make folding bell ornaments to hang from tree branches to blow in the wind. Tape to a window pane, anywhere bright colorful decorations are desired. Construct a large paper wall-tree with shades of green construction paper, or draw a large tree format on a sheet of easel pad paper to tack onto a wall or other flat surface. Great patterns for hobby crafts like scroll saw, clay, paper mache and shrink art jewelry. Make 3-D Bells: Print and decorate two identical bells and join them to for a festive multi-sided bell ornament.

Get back to the basics in education of paper folding with these easy and fun patterns specially made for children. Celebrate May Day, Easter, Christmas or any holiday with elementary folding.

The difference between Origami and Kirigami.

  • Kirigami: Japanese; Kiru means "to cut" and gami means "paper.".
  • Origami: Japanese; oru means "to fold", and gami means "paper."

Ordinary sheets of paper can be folded and cut into ships, animals, and flowers. Great, educational fun for children. All you need to get started is a pair of scissors, a piece of paper, a Scissor Craft pattern, a few quick folds, and voilä  you've got an envelope, a basket or a wild african elephant.

Materials to Have Available:

  • Plain or colored paper or colored foam sheets
  • Child-sized scissors
  • Colored markers or Crayola crayons
  • Glitter glue
  • foam sheets for soft ornaments