Birds Sparrows & Songbirds

baby birdnest1200Birds Sparrows & Songbirds

If you are fortunate to live in a neighborhood filled with musically inclined chattering song birds count yourself fortunate or lucky.  Songs of perching birds are usually pleasant sounds to our human ears, but sometimes the calls can be described as harsh sounding croaks and loud screeching.   Currently there have been 4,000 species of songbird identified. 
Some songbirds can be taught to repeat human speech (vocal mimicry).  Songbirds that can mimic human speech and other bird and animal sounds include:

  • lyrebirds
  • mockingbirds
  • magpies
  • ravens

Parrots also mimic human speech patterns but parrots are not classified as songbirds.
Have fun with these flying fowl color book bird images. 

When we first moved into our neighborhood, years ago, for the first few years we rarely heard birds chirping. I never knew why there seemed so few birds because it is a well wooded neighborhood. I planted a bunch of trees in the yard and hung out a bird feeder anyway.   For many years I think we just contributed to the squirrel population but gradually a few birds started showing up. I'd say we have a fairly good size bird population now, nothing that will excite the avid birder though, mostly blue jays and ravens, but frequently flocks of goldfinches and tits will swarm the yard.