Totem Pole & Tiki Theme Drag and Drop Child Games

Make an Island Tiki 002

Totem Poles and Island Tikis

Easy drag and drop javascript games with children in mind. Make a tiki mask. Make a Santa Clause Christmas totem pole with elf toads, reindeer and a gingerbread man. Practice drag and drop tiki and totem games to create fun and unique designs.

Visit papertotempoles to print and color book large originals to build totem poles out of paper. Children can learn valuable mouse skills and improve dexterity with these simple and fun drag and drop javascript games.

Tikis and Totem Poles

Totem Pole games - Santa Clause Pole
Kris Kringle Totem Pole
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Pumpkin Totem Pole
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Make an Island Tiki 002
Design a Tiki Mask