track weight lossFit N Trim Weight Loss and Fitness Trackers

These self-help progress tracking tools might be useful to track personal diet and fitness progress.  Initially, I designed the forms for my own use but later decided to make a website called Shape-Up the Write Way.  The site consisted of my own, tailor-made self-help tools.  I put the forms here in case other self-starters could use the forms to prepare and track their own personal diet and fitness programs.

The documents are offered in various sizes to fit in 8 1/2 x 11 binders to pocket sized Franklin Planners...except you have to punch your own binder holes (oh the horror).   The pages fit nicely in Mead brand Five-Star zippered, vinyl covered planners which can be purchased at very reasonable (cheap!) prices at Kmart, Target or Walmart stores.  

These forms are for general purposes use only, and should not be construed as definitive or binding health or medical advice. All individuals should see their personal physicians for specific information and/or treatment.


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