Build A Realistic Emergency Kitrealistic list

For those times when you can't get around in your own home due to temporary incapacity. When the subject of Emergency Preparedness arises, the topic immediately veers off into endless lists and advice for survival of the next nuclear war or major natural catastrophe, always upcoming and ever-imminent:

How to Build A Realistic Emergency Kit

Recently I suffered an uexpected fall when I turned too quickly but my non-slip slipper shoe did not.  It had snagged on the concrete which put me off balance and sent me crashing to the floor.  My fall pulled some important back muscles and for nearly 2 days I was unable to stand without assistance, much less walk to my own bathroom without experiencing severe pain and weakness.

Thousands of government and private agencies have cropped up, on the ready, for the ever-imminent calamity regardless the infinitesimally small odds of a major disaster happening at a theater near you.

Billion-dollar industries offer endless emergency kits and checklists built upon the hopes that fear will drive "you," (the consumer) to worry that you will personally experience a major disaster first hand - real soon.

You will find emergency food and medical kits in nearly every grocery outlet, corner gas station, drug store online and offline, stocked to survive the next upcoming nuclear holocaust. Costco even carries a $6,000 one-year supply survival kit for the ultra terrified terrestrial denizen.

All this hoopla even though the odds that you, personally, getting hit by that asteroid is about a hundred-thousand to one.


Every day thousands of people suffer common home "disasters," which cause injuries and put people out of commission for several days but not severely enough to warrant a doctor or hospital visit:

  • Falls
  • Pulled Muscles
  • Trips and Falls
  • Sprains

And yet no emergency preparedness kit or checklist can be found that helps one prepare for the occasional inability to motate around the house.

As disasters go...

Not once did I need any item listed on the Red Cross Advice for Emergency Kit.

OK, maybe the water and some pain pills, but definitely no whistle, rain gear, duct tape or plastic sheeting.

Now that I am on the mend it occurs to me to make a shopping list of items I want on hand for my own personal Emergency Preparedness Checklist for realistic situations.

My advice: Designate a corner, closet or special area in your home to keep the following on hand for your next bout of muscle spasms, debilitating cold or flu or other bothersome condition which temporarily impedes comfort and mobility.

Providing these items are not buried in the landslide, lost in the fire or crushed by the earthquake...the next time you pull that same back muscle for the 15th time you can simply send one of your minions to fetch the rescue items and bring them forth.

 This list contains all of the emergency, convenience items I wished I'd had on-hand after my latest fall.

Printable version here pdf document.  Take with you as a shopping list!

Realistic Emergency Checklist

Keep these items on hand for your next bout of muscle spasms, debilitating cold or flu or other bothersome condition which temporarily impedes comfort and mobility. Print this page and go shopping. Total approximate cost for all items listed below $400.  PS - go to garage and estate sales.  We found a brand new walking chair for only $5.00!

Approximate Cost
Photourinals Urinal Male and Female about $15
Photosippy cub Sippy Cups (no spill) about $10
Photocanes 2 or 3 walking canes about $15 and up
Photograbbers Grabbers or Reachers about $10 and up
Photofoot stool Foot Stool about $25 +
Photo office chair Rolling office chair (or...) about $45 + (Check yard sales, you can pick up a good office chair for 5 or 10 bucks!
Photowheelch Folding wheelchair (or...) about $75 on up (check refurbished or garage sales)
Photo walking chair Walking Chair about $50
Photoshower chair Shower Chair about $25 to $40
Photo heat pad Heat Pad about $30
Photobedpans Bed pans male and female about $15
Photocold pack Cold Pack about $10
Photopiss pads Waterproof pads for bed and chairs 3 pack, about $20
Photocold pack Folding portable potty chair about $25
Photoelevated toilrt seat Elevated toilet seat about $20 to $25
  Medical Alert System Varies


Realistic Emergency Preparedness

The realistic alternative to emergency preparedness hysteria is simple: take control of your senses.

  • Draft a will and testament
  • Gather your health care and legal documents. put in safe place, safe, bank box
  • Write instructions to heirs so they may access important accounts - bank, mortgage, power of attorney, logon ID's and passwords
  • Write instructions for special projects you want to be continued, such as business or hobby
  • Sort through household belongings
    • art
  • Attach labels or record names of who you want the item to go to and write any historic or explanation as to why the item is favored on 3x5 cards the history behind the item, e.g. grandma's favorite book, your childhood toy, etc..
  • Wash your car, Clean your house.
  • Go to your store, buy a big steak or otherwise indulge in your favorite food fare
  • Keep on living

The chances of you being in the same room as your $6,000 emergency supply kit when the earthquake hits are slimmer than the odds of the disaster happening at all.