Hot Air Balloon Craft Hobby Patterns

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Color Book Hot Air Balloon Imagetropical island

Does anyone not like balloons? One must naturally envy anyone who is brave or foolish enough to break the laws of gravity if only for a few hours to soar over the land for a bird's eye view. Make a pretend paper balloon race game with these balloon images or make photo frame masterpieces to hand out school photos to family, friends and relatives. Balloons make great award certificates to hand out as certification of a job well done! Decorate with Crayola Crayons or markers and hang them from the ceiling, or decorate the walls and halls, trees, office cubicle and window panes.


Balloons are popular items. Most grocery stores have a section to sell helium balloons in all shapes, sizes and colors. Some stores, such as Costco, use pretty balloon images as fund raisers for charity then they post the balloons for public view. These balloons are great subjects for coasters, place mats and table decorations. Use as photo frames for family members or print on sticky paper and make labels and name tags.

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