Color Book Child Craft Tiki Statues and Masks

Planning a luau birthday craft party? Turn the kids loose on these tiki printable masks and statues. Have fun while learning about customs of ancient Hawaiian cultures with these color book tiki and totem pole statues and mask images for children.

Print the images on regular white paper or brown craft paper. Trace the designs onto multi-colored craft paper or colorful foam sheets.

Build totem poles with paper tubes like the ones that come with gift wrap and paper towels. Or make your own tube shape and size with larger cardboard such as with the backing of an easel pad.

Color Book Printable Hawaiian Mask and Statue Tikis and Totems

Let the kids decorate for the occasion by placing their masks and masterpieces as table centerpieces or wall and ceiling ornaments. Print out several different blank template tiki masks to so the children can design their own creations.

Tiki gods were personified through carved wooden statues and placed in sacred island areas such as Hawaiian tiki temples. Tiki statues also appeared in volcanic cliffs, rainforests, on the coastline and in caves. Tiki gods were worshipped through human sacrifice, chants, prayers, and lava sledding, where Hawaiians would surf down a specially made volcanic lava flow.

Gaping Mouth

Tiki with Feet

Tri-Part Statue

Double Statue

Tiki with Mustache

2-Part Statue

Big Nose Tiki with Feet

Crowned Tiki

Regal Tiki

Bug Eyed Statue With Feet

Snarling Tiki

Big Eyes and Nose Statue with Feet

Full Body Statue

Sad Face Mask

Tall Hat or Crown

Big Teeth Tiki

Tiki With Crown and Feet

Decorated Tiki with Feet

Mustached Tiki with Feet

Big Island Tiki

Tiki with Body and Headdress

Seated Statue