Flowers and Floral Quilt Patterns

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Orchids, Hibiscus Flowers

blooming flower stencil snowflakeFlower blossoms are primary and popular subjects in quilt patterns. These flower blossom theme Hawaiian style paper snowflake stencil patterns are perfect for arts and crafts, great, wood work, embroidery, crochet and other non-profit or educational hobbies and pastimes.

Hawaiian snowflake flower quilt stencil designs are perfect for educational child crafts, personal or non-profit woodworking, embroidery, crochet, latch-hook rugmaking, glass etching and stenciling projects.

Teach children the traditionals of Hawaiian quilting. Make quilt patterns to create hanging ornaments or other holiday decorations. Make coasters and placemats or name tags, etc and laminate your favorites for recycling year to year.

Flowery Island Theme Stencils

Cut out the patterns onto foam sheets or sponges to create unique textured effect. Etch into glass, print on window decal material for fun window decorations or print on magnetic "paper" available at office supply stores. Cut out the designs with scissors or X-Acto knives. Apply colorful stencil images to furniture or apply decorative trim to the walls to create meaningful and everlasting decorations to enjoy for years to come. Another idea is to silk screen the pattern onto clothing or cloth.

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